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Selected products, presented in detail

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The ETN® Showroom

In the ETN® Showroom we present selected products in detail

ETN® convinces not only with a diverse and wide range of spare parts for lifts,
but also by a fast and competent service.
Highest quality, fast delivery times and a comfortable service are our daily claim.

Future oriented

  • courageous, structured approach
  • close customer contact
  • ready for changes

Through these and many other points, our products are constantly adapted to the changing technical requirements.


Resource and eco-friendly actions are a matter of course for us, which we additionally confirm with our high-quality and long-lived products.

High quality

By using the highest quality materials and very modern machinery, we can permanently guarantee durable articles of the highest quality.


ETN® Roller guide

Each part manufactured with the highest precision

By using materials and machining equipment of the highest quality and precision, our roller guides are ideally matched to any application. Fast-running systems with the highest ride comfort requirements or goods elevators with highly loaded rollers. Here you will find what you are looking for!

The advantages at a glance:

  • non-linear spring characteristic of the tread and suspension
  • dimensionally stable, elastic running surface
  • all pieces MADE in GERMANY
  • suitable for all requirements the right roller guide

High quality components

Made in Germany!

ETN® processes only the highest quality materials according to very strict measurement and tolerance specifications. This results in a first-class component which is also convincing due to its longevity.

Markus explains...

...the ETN® Roller guides

Learn more about the different materials, the areas of application and the manufacturing process of ETN® sliding inserts.

ETN® Roller guides in the store

In the ETN online store, you will find different variants of roller guides.
On request, we also offer custom designs.


ETN® glide insert PE-1000

Milled inserts made of high molecular weight polyethylene

The high-molecular-weight polyethylene (ETN-HM-1000) used by ETN® can be shaped into the desired form exclusively by machining, which means that the inserts are manufactured tension-free and very precisely. The material has very good sliding properties, high abrasion resistance and a compressive strength of up to 10 N/mm². These properties make it ideal for use in elevators, mechanical engineering and similar applications.

The most important facts


High-molecular-weight polyethylene, also in combination with a wide variety of dampers, for maximum ride comfort at your plant.


Through purely mechanical processing, we guarantee tension-free parts with optimum dimensional stability and the highest quality surfaces.

Application area

On all systems with very high requirements, such as high surface pressures or low friction values.

ETN® damping insert

With our Cell and TPU cushioning, which is installed between the insole and the support shoe, you will always find the right solution for your requirements. The additional mobility of the insole increases ride comfort and also minimizes disruptive factors such as rail impacts or catch grooves.

6 way suspension

The Cell damping of our PECU inserts completely encloses the insert to allow it to move in all directions. The direct contact between the insert and the guide holder is also interrupted by this damping, which minimizes the transmission of sound and vibrations.

Simple assembly

Regardless of material and cushioning, all ETN® inserts are made to fit our standard guide holders. Through this proven and compatible system, all parts are quickly and easily assembled. Sources of error and misunderstandings are virtually eliminated!

Markus explains...

...the ETN® glide inserts

Learn more about the different materials, the areas of application and the manufacturing process of ETN® glide inserts.

ETN® Inserts in the store

In the ETN® online store, you will find different variants of glide inserts.
On request, we also offer custom-made products.

Door rollers from ETN®

ETN® door rollers are mechanically manufactured as spare parts for various door manufacturers. Depending on the requirement, for example for high loads or quiet running, we select the appropriate materials.


When selecting the processed materials, we rely on the highest quality in order to be able to guarantee maximum comfort and low downtimes in the respective area of application. In order to be able to offer a tension-free end product, we use extruded and annealed cast polyamide for plastic rollers, for example.


Due to a purely mechanical processing of the raw materials, dimensions and shapes can be precisely maintained. The assembly of individual parts is carried out manually, whereby any problems are immediately detected by our experienced employees.


From the combination of the highest quality materials and their processing in a modern machine park, ETN® creates products with a very high durability, which minimizes downtime and maintenance.

Markus explains...

...the cast polyamide door roller

Learn more about the manufacturing process and processing of cast polyamide door rollers.

ETN® Door rollers in the store

In the ETN® online store, you will find different variants of door rollers.
On request, we also offer special designs in small quantities.

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